S1003/S1004: Adjustable Wrist Grounding Strap

  • <center>S1003/S1004: Adjustable Wrist Grounding Strap</center>

Adjustable wrist grounding strap in Maroon color, an alligator clip, and a 6ft or 12ft coil cord.

Meets ANSI/ESD Standard S-1.1-2013 & ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014.



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 Adjustable wrist strap with     6ft-coil cord with alligator clip ( 1/8 €(4mm) Snap
S1004 Adjustable wrist strap with 12ft-coil cord with alligator clip. (1/8 €(4mm) Snap)
S1003B Adjustable Band. (1/8 €(4mm) Stud)
S1003C 6ft-coil cord. ( 1/8 €(4mm) Snap)
S1004C 12ft-coil cord. ( 1/8 €(4mm) Snap)
Type Grounding Systems/Devices

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