S1500WS: Workstation Kit, Single-Layer Static Dissipative

  • <center>S1500WS: Workstation Kit, Single-Layer Static Dissipative</center>

S1500 Series is a static dissipative homogenous single-layer vinyl mat suitable for use as table and floor mats, in the static free work areas. This product comes in Blue & Gray colors and has leather embossed finish on the top with smooth finish on the back surface. Meets ANSI/ESD 20.20-2014.

This kit includes:
  • Mat* with Snap Installed
  • Wrist Strap (S1003)
  • Common Point Grounding Cord (S1030NRF)

*Standard Sizes:

  • 24"x36"
  • 24"x48"
  • 36"x36"
  • 36"x48"
Custom Cuts Available Upon Request

Product Information

Type Workstation

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