S5800: Clear Anti Static Tape with Printed ESD Symbols

  • <center>S5800: Clear Anti Static Tape with Printed ESD Symbols</center>

The S5800 Series is a clear Anti Static Tape with PRINTED ESD SYMBOLS, for general packaging applications at the static free work areas. The tape has the wording "Anti Static Tape" and both the Reaching Hand & the Three-Arrow symbols printed in black color. This product is designed to meet the static decay rate of MIL-B-81705C, and is available in 72 Yards (66 Meters) long & on 3" Paper or Plastic Cores.

Product Information

Part Numbers

S5812 ½" (12mm)
S5818 ¾" (18mm)
S5824 1" (24mm)
S5848 2" (48mm)
Type Anti-Static Tapes

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