S5900HT: Anti Static High Temperature Polyimide Tape

  • <center>S5900HT: Anti Static High Temperature Polyimide Tape</center>

The S5900HT Series is an anti static Polyimide film-based tape, with a special surface conductive adhesive. This tape is used for wave soldering, and masking of printed circuit boards during conformal coating, amongst other applications. It leaves no adhesive residue after removal. This product has a thick adhesive layer for added conformability to high PCB tracking. Meets decay rate of MIL-B-81705.

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Special notes  related to Anti-Static Tapes.

S5906HT 1/4" (6mm)
S5912HT ½" (12mm)
S5918HT ¾" (18mm)
S5924HT 1" (24mm)


2" (48mm)
Type Anti-Static Tapes

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