SCR9000: Adhesive Mat

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Adhesive Mats are made of thin layers of adhesive coated polyethylene film. These tacky layers remove particulates from shoes and cart wheels with each entry to the cleanroom. The SCR9001 Mats are designed to resist adhesive transfer, preventing sheet-to-sheet de-lamination.  

Available in white, blue, or grey.




Product Information



Part Numbers

SCR9001 18" x 36"
SCR9002 18" x 45"
SCR9003 24" x 36"
SCR9004 24" x 45"
SCR9005 36" x 36"
SCR9006 36" x 45"
SCR9007 36" x 60"
SCR9008 26" x 45"
SCR9009 36" x 72"
SCR9010 40" x 48"


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