SPCR8.511 Series Cleanroom Paper

  • <center>SPCR8.511 Series Cleanroom Paper</center>

SPCR8.511  Series is a permanently static dissipative paper with low sensitivity to changes in relative humidity, and almost free in component critical contaminants, i.e., low amine, chloride & sodium.

The paper has a hard surface, is printable with no bleeding and virtually lint free. Each sheet is identified as static dissipative to maintain quality control. The product is designed for general use in the static sensitive areas. Ideal for use as production route sheets, work instructions, repair tags or anti static liners. This product is non-linting and can be useful in clean areas, and is recyclable. These items are available in two thicknesses of 0.0038" & 0.0070".

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Type Paper

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