SPP Series: Pen Probe

  • <center>SPP Series: Pen Probe</center>
  • <center>SPP Series: Pen Probe</center>
  • <center>SPP Series: Pen Probe</center>

MODEL SPP1: Single-Point Pen Probe, MODEL SPP2: Two-Point Pen Probe, and MODEL SPP3: Concentric Pen Probes work with most megohm meters, electrometers and other high potential resistance meters in most Resistance Kits for measuring Surface Resistance and Volume Resistance of materials with physical dimensions too small for regular concentric ring or other probes. The size, portability and construction make these probes convenient for auditing small samples of materials in the field and yet their design specifications make these instruments precision enough for laboratory environments.

SPP1, SPP2 and SPP3 Pen Probes use spring loaded electrodes with conductive rubber boots to ensure intimate contact with hard/irregular surfaces and reduce contact resistance. All electrodes are field-replaceable, spring-loaded, pogo-pin type ATE-quality probes that are made of beryllium copper with minimum 60 micro-inch hard gold.

The Single-Point Pen Probe can be used for measuring volume resistance of small planar material sample per the requirements of ANSI/ESDA 11.12 or measuring resistance to ground of materials or component on a piece of equipment.

Direct point-to-point resistance measurements with STATICO Two-Point Pen Probe, SPP2, generally conform to the guidelines as outlined in the ANSI/ESDA 11.13 Two-Point Resistance Measurements.

The Two-Point Pen Probe uses a thin line BNC coaxial cable with inner source and outer sense connections to minimize reading errors due to electrostatic interference. The BNC to banana jack adapter allows connection to most popular meters in the market.




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